Hungary keen on expanding economic cooperation with Montenegro: PM

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"Hungarian investors are welcome, Montenegro is becoming more and more attractive to companies from all over the world and we are especially looking forward to seeing our partners and friends, such as Hungary, recognizing this, and turning it into mutual interests," he said.

Orban concluded that one of the topics at the meeting was also the migration, and that he told Markovic that "if they have problems with migrants, Hungary is ready to help, because when Montenegro defends its borders, it does not only defend Montenegro, but also Hungary and the whole EU."

On Monday evening Orban met Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic at a working diner, and the two have exchanged opinions on "current political circumstances in the region, with a special focus on Montenegro and the European integration process, as well as global geopolitical movements".

Congratulating Montenegro on becoming a member of NATO, Orban said that Montenegro and Hungary can talk openly because there aren't any tactical or strategic differences between the two countries, and they thus share the same future.

"We have great opportunities ahead. We will be glad to participate in the modernization of Montenegrin economy", said Orban, according to the press release of the Montenegrin government, emphasizing that there is a great space for Hungarian investments in Montenegro.

According to a press release of the president's cabinet, Orban expressed unequivocal support to Montenegro in efforts to persist on its European path and become the next EU member country, and the two also discussed opportunities to improve cooperation by supporting investments and working jointly on innovations that would benefit economies and overall development of both countries.

BELGRADE, July 24 (Xinhua) -- Hungary sees Montenegro as an attractive investment destination and is ready to support the country on reforms and aspirations to become the next member of the European Union (EU), Prime Minister Viktor Orban highlighted during his meetings with Montenegrin top state officials.

Orban arrived in Montenegro on Monday evening for an official visit, and after meeting his Montenegrin counterpart Dusko Markovic on Tuesday, the two agreed that the "relations between the two countries are at the highest level, characterized by the alliance in Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), cooperation on European integration and the extraordinary space for Hungarian investors to invest in the Montenegrin economy.".

Markovic pointed that Montenegro appreciates the support of Hungary when it comes to Montenegro's EU integration process and their willingness to help at the expert level and to share their experiences.

Markovic said that the two exchanged opinions on security aspects in the region and the whole Europe and that he assured Orban that "Montenegro has set up mechanisms to preserve its security, but at the same time it contributes to regional and wider global security".